Mr. Lucas Ford.

I do Japanese and American style tattooing. I also build machines for people who like quality tools.


Welcome to two thousand twelve. I’m looking forward to rebirthing into a new year with a step back to my roots. I’m boiling shit down some more, nixing some tricks and bring you more powerful straight forward tattoos. It’s going to be a great year.

That said if you’ve got some fun one sit bangers in mind, call me I’m down.

Here’s a quick look back at last year, some fun shit I made.


























It’s new projects time!

For those of you who don’t know the drill, I book new projects in three month segments. This allows me to finish tattoos in a timely manner and be somewhat “choosy” over what I take on.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m opening my books once again to take on anther new round of work. December 1st is the day it starts and I’ll be booking for the months of February, March and April. I will not be taking any Saturday appointments as I will be working diligently along side my wonderful crew for “Walk -in Saturdays”. To book new projects you will need to come to the shop and speak to Kelsey, or make arrangements via paypal to provide a deposit for your project, she holds the keys. Like for mentioned, I will be fairly choosy as to what I take on as like all of us I only have so much time and time is precious, I want every bit of it to count.

Any requests or artwork can be sent to

For any other questions, call the shop @ 403-343-8989

On a side note I’m really into positive, powerful tattoos lately and here are a few I would really like to get started on SOON;

Baku ( japanese folklore, a nightmare eater).

A large tiger.

Kirin (Qiilin)


Mermaid/siren (americana).

women, anything with a woman in it, especially with roses and in a lay 1800s early 1900s style.

I’ve been busy….

The workshop has kept me very busy lately. Here’s a few samples of what I’ve been up to.

If you are interested in aquiring a machine from me you can contact me @ or call the shop @ 403-343-8989

Stay tuned for some recent tattoo work and other projects.

Best regards, Lucas.






I’ve neglected posting here for a while now, not that I’m lazy by any means, just extremely busy. Here’s some progress shots from a few more recent tattoos. Enjoy and stay tuned, I’ll have more up regularly!








busy busy bee

Well, I’m at it again…. burying myself neck deep in more than I need to do. I’m in the midst right now of populating a brand new web store for the supply company. Which in tales photographing every last bit of product, editing photos and onto rewriting every product description. A daunting task once one realizes the full depth of it. I have no doubt it will be a worth while task once complete, we’ll have a fully custom built online store to make shopping and ordering leaps and bounds easier to utilize for our beloved clientele. Once complete and launched, we’ll also be sending our catalog to print and getting it out to all the right people, our plan is to have it mirror the web store in look and feel. It’s going to be fantastic to finally take this great leap forward.

My good friend Rob Jobe will be heading up our Good Guy blog to bring you fantastic product reviews, artist interviews, convention coverage, the works. I’m really really pumped for this, if you’ve ever had the pleasure to read anything he has written, you know its gonna be beyond good. We honored to have him at the helm.

And now to wet your whistle, some tasty tidbits from the lens…..

Wish list for 2011

Here is my “wish list” list of projects. Choosing one of these gets you in on the quick and special treatment….

-Songbirds in a cherry tree being watched over by a magpie.

-Songbirds stalked by a snake.

-Snake and peony sleeve.

-Large side piece of monarchs and cherry blossoms.*** TAKEN***

-Skulls and roses and giant centipede, arm or leg. ***TAKEN***

-Daruma and plum blossoms…. to bring you good luck in all your hopes and wishes.

-Kapala and dragon full back. *** TAKEN***

-Traditional dragon sleeve (background of my choice) ***TAKEN***

-Catfish feasting on goldfish.

-kookoo clock and roses.

-Italian coffee maker and coffee bean sprig.

-Whiskey bottle and dentures. ***TAKEN***

If you have an interesting project in mind for a tattoo you can submit it to me at and upon approval, make your way into my schedule much sooner that most. Be sure to supply a thorough description of your request including size, placement and subject matter.

Do note that because of my heavy demand, I must be selective about the tattoo requests I receive, with full intention to bring my clientele stronger more meaningful tattoos.

Estimates for time and price can only be given after a consultation.

*I will not be taking on any new projects until April 15, 2011 unless they meet the above criteria or my approval.*

10000 Thank you’s to all of my clients for your past and future support!!! Without you, I am nothing.


Another session on a cover up chest featuring chrysanthemums and a fancy heart locket strung with pearls that will contain a portrait of the clients daughter.


Used this design to fill in a gap on the inside of a samurai half sleeve.