It’s new projects time!

by lucasfordtattoo

For those of you who don’t know the drill, I book new projects in three month segments. This allows me to finish tattoos in a timely manner and be somewhat “choosy” over what I take on.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m opening my books once again to take on anther new round of work. December 1st is the day it starts and I’ll be booking for the months of February, March and April. I will not be taking any Saturday appointments as I will be working diligently along side my wonderful crew for “Walk -in Saturdays”. To book new projects you will need to come to the shop and speak to Kelsey, or make arrangements via paypal to provide a deposit for your project, she holds the keys. Like for mentioned, I will be fairly choosy as to what I take on as like all of us I only have so much time and time is precious, I want every bit of it to count.

Any requests or artwork can be sent to

For any other questions, call the shop @ 403-343-8989

On a side note I’m really into positive, powerful tattoos lately and here are a few I would really like to get started on SOON;

Baku ( japanese folklore, a nightmare eater).

A large tiger.

Kirin (Qiilin)


Mermaid/siren (americana).

women, anything with a woman in it, especially with roses and in a lay 1800s early 1900s style.