busy busy bee

by lucasfordtattoo

Well, I’m at it again…. burying myself neck deep in more than I need to do. I’m in the midst right now of populating a brand new web store for the supply company. Which in tales photographing every last bit of product, editing photos and onto rewriting every product description. A daunting task once one realizes the full depth of it. I have no doubt it will be a worth while task once complete, we’ll have a fully custom built online store to make shopping and ordering leaps and bounds easier to utilize for our beloved clientele. Once complete and launched, we’ll also be sending our catalog to print and getting it out to all the right people, our plan is to have it mirror the web store in look and feel. It’s going to be fantastic to finally take this great leap forward.

My good friend Rob Jobe will be heading up our Good Guy blog to bring you fantastic product reviews, artist interviews, convention coverage, the works. I’m really really pumped for this, if you’ve ever had the pleasure to read anything he has written, you know its gonna be beyond good. We honored to have him at the helm.

And now to wet your whistle, some tasty tidbits from the lens…..