Wish list for 2011

by lucasfordtattoo

Here is my “wish list” list of projects. Choosing one of these gets you in on the quick and special treatment….

-Songbirds in a cherry tree being watched over by a magpie.

-Songbirds stalked by a snake.

-Snake and peony sleeve.

-Large side piece of monarchs and cherry blossoms.*** TAKEN***

-Skulls and roses and giant centipede, arm or leg. ***TAKEN***

-Daruma and plum blossoms…. to bring you good luck in all your hopes and wishes.

-Kapala and dragon full back. *** TAKEN***

-Traditional dragon sleeve (background of my choice) ***TAKEN***

-Catfish feasting on goldfish.

-kookoo clock and roses.

-Italian coffee maker and coffee bean sprig.

-Whiskey bottle and dentures. ***TAKEN***

If you have an interesting project in mind for a tattoo you can submit it to me at classictattoo403@hotmail.com and upon approval, make your way into my schedule much sooner that most. Be sure to supply a thorough description of your request including size, placement and subject matter.

Do note that because of my heavy demand, I must be selective about the tattoo requests I receive, with full intention to bring my clientele stronger more meaningful tattoos.

Estimates for time and price can only be given after a consultation.

*I will not be taking on any new projects until April 15, 2011 unless they meet the above criteria or my approval.*

10000 Thank you’s to all of my clients for your past and future support!!! Without you, I am nothing.